2nd January 2012 - Grayson Perry @British Museum

Up a white spiral staircase, under a beautiful glass sky. He said walking around a museum was like travelling, full of wonder and adventure. He said you could give things more meaning, just because you want to. It’s up to you and that’s being an artist, that’s spirituality. Everyone was there. Half of London was there. But if you didnt prebook, you couldnt get in.

11th December 2011 - Gerhard Richter 11th @Tate Modern

He said “art is the highest form of hope”

4th December 2011 - Edvard Munch @Pompidou Centre

Two strangers walk side by side through the snow. They are walking towards you, but really you are not there. Their faces are almost blank, you don’t know where they are going or what they are looking at. You think you see their footsteps in the snow behind them, but you’re not sure.

4th November 2011 - Pippilotti Rist@ Hayward Gallery

Wierd, ugly, people laughing at things I didn’t think were funny at all. TV images in handbags, a naked woman abusing you from down inside a tiny hole, like Silence of the Lambs. Like taking mushrooms should be. Like those lamps that project moving images onto walls in kids bedrooms, but this is for adults.

3rd September 2011 - The Museum of Everything@Selfridges

It is a grey day, cold and bald and stone and rain. We go for a coffee first, at Nude Espresso in Soho. It is OK. It seems like everywhere else, and the walls are black tile and I want there to be colour but the coffee is good. It comes in a little black cup that you can see your face in. We walk up Oxford Street to Selfridges. The yellow cheers me. We go downstairs to the museum of everything. It consists of paintings and drawings all hung on walls, in different rooms throughout a house, a little house in the basement of Selfridges. The paintings and drawings in the house are full of colour, the house is the museum of everything.

13th April 2011 - High Arctic@National Maritime Museum

At the ticket counter the woman says "Do you know anything about the exhibition" and I say "no" even though I do, and she says "Oh. Well its not like a normal exhibition" and I say "OK" and she says. "er, there's no exhibition, as such. Its, er, interactive" and I say "OK" and we buy tickets.
Downstairs at the door an old lady hands us each a torch "these are ultra-violet torches. Its very important that you point them down at the floor and not in people's eyes" and her own eyes glitter when she says it but then she looks down at the floor.
We go in.
It is like being at sea, it is like being in the belly of a whale. A voice says "you lie to yourself because you are afraid of the dark"

28th March 2011 - Joan Miro @ Tate Modern

It is packed, and there is a lot of it. Every room is full of people that line the walls, standing before the paintings, and you try not to feel overwhelmed but you do, especially when you look beyond the room to the next, and that is full too, and even beyond that you can see more.

We slowly meander through it, we don't look at everything because you cant. And it doesn't matter anyway, we are here for free. So we don't have to see it all. Perhaps realising that, in one room we just sit down on a bench. In that room is a massive painting which is just white, but with a thin crooked line making its way from the bottom of the painting to the top.